Gemma Brunton Photography | Boudoir Frequently Asked Questions


Boudoir Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never had professional photographs taken before – what should I expect?

Expect to be put completely at ease as soon as you arrive! Over a glass of fizz we’ll plan the shoot together and select your outfit(s) from what you’ve brought and from the accessories and props here in the studio just west of Salisbury. It’ll just be me and you, so nobody else floating around to put you on edge. I highly recommend booking the services of my professional makeup artist as photographic makeup is a very different technique and so important in making your skin and features really sing.  Her fees are £60. Most ladies will come with their hair already styled, but I'm a firm fan of the tousled look, so nothing too considered.

I’m nervous about exposing my body.

Firstly, you need only show what you are comfortable with showing. What makes the images intriguing is that small slivers of light just hint at what you're showing (and not showing) so there is no time when you feel fully exposed under the spotlight. It’s only natural to feel a little nervous to start with, but as the session unfolds and you relax into the role, you’ll feel more at ease and might even want to bare it all. We’ll just go with the flow and see how you feel on the day. As a female photographer, wife and mother who has had some modelling experience, I am in a somewhat special position to uniquely understand what it takes to be both in front and behind the camera, so building trust between us is of huge importance to me and to the outcome of the images.

How do I pose?

You needn’t worry as I’ll carefully position you to make the best use of the flattering light and furniture we’re using. We're also in 'real' surroundings, not a manufactured studio set, which helps. My job is to coax you into feeling comfortable enough to truly relax with me and the camera, and once you've done that, you'll find that the posing largely takes care of itself.

What should I bring with me?

In short, something that makes you feel fabulous. That may be some beautiful lingerie, or even a chunky cardigan. The styling is really important, and the most striking images are often achieved with incorporating some slightly unusual items perhaps with a little colour, detail and texture. A pair or two of heels, some accessories such as a statement necklace, feathers/flowers for your hair or a some beautiful earrings is a good idea and most ladies use the shoot as a great opportunity to treat themselves to some new lingerie. There are robes here for you to wear while you're wandering around to make you comfortable.

Do you airbrush?

I get asked this a lot. Successful retouching is all about knowing when to stop and the press get (rightly) much maligned for taking it to extremes. I am creating realistic images of you, not a warped version of someone you think you want to be. I'm aiming to make you feel fabulous about who you are right now, not when you've lost that niggly extra half a stone or been to the gym a bit more. Airbrushing two clothing sizes off you is therefore not productive nor helpful in achieving that! Careful styling and lighting provides all the contouring we need and in post processing I will work on skin using subtle retouching effects, nothing more. You don't need it.

I don’t want anyone else seeing my photos

Your photos are just for you and whoever you choose to share them with. Most ladies are so thrilled with how gorgeous they look and the positive impact the shoot has had for their confidence, that they are quite happy to show them off to inspire other women to enjoy the same liberating experience. Rest assured that I will never display them on my website or other marketing unless you’re happy for me to and there are never any personal information associated with the images. I do usually put the photos up onto a password protected online gallery for you to view – and it’s up to you who you share that information with.