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Baby Photography in Salisbury, Wiltshire, Hampshire & Dorset

The first year of a baby's life goes so very fast and they literally transform in front of your eyes...those tiny fingers, toes, chubby knees and gorgeous first smiles. It is so important to capture this time as once it's gone, it's gone…and you won't remember just how adorable and tiny they once were…especially not when they're grumpy teenagers spending too long in the bathroom...

Ideally I'd recommend that you start recording your baby's first year before they're even born with a pregnancy shoot. Please see the pregnancy portrait page for more info. The best times to photograph your baby are when they are newborn, still wrinkly and tiny, at just a few weeks old. After that, at about 6 months, when they are sitting up confidently, grinning and able to hold things, and then again at 12 months when they might be crawling or standing, before they're properly on the move (when you'll need eyes in the back of your head and a pair of trainers to chase them in!)