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There are lots of reasons why women choose to do a boudoir portrait session. Sometimes their motivation is a desire to record themselves at their most glamorous, while they’ve still ‘got it’, perhaps it is for a much needed confidence boost or sometimes a desire to shrug off the mantle of daily life and feel like a goddess whether you are a career woman, wife, mother or all three. Sometimes it's purely just to have a bit of fun and a chance not to take life too seriously...
Having a boudoir photography session is a very liberating and empowering experience, a chance to see yourself in a way you’ve never seen yourself before, but still uniquely you. In the words of a well known advert, it’s you, but on a really good day! Whatever your motivation, you can be sure that the boost you’ll get from the experience will have a real positive impact on your life and relationships.
Secret Sirens was born out of a realisation that once the pregnancy & baby photos were done, there was a desire for the mums to do something for themselves and their partners - to rediscover their mojo, feel feminine and desirable. Boudoir photography grew from that demand and I've had the privilege of helping women rediscover those feelings through boudoir photography. That's not to say that boudoir photography is exclusively for mums...quite the contrary! It's for any woman who wants to feel fabulous in their own skin, and I frequently do bridal boudoir photography sessions for brides-to-be who want something a little extra special to give their husbands on their wedding day.
I no longer use the name Secret Sirens for the boudoir aspect of my business, but you may see the odd image or reference to it here on my website or elsewhere on the internet. It is all me, however.